TIDEX is a Colombian company located in Santander, Kilometro 4 via Floridablanca - Piedecuesta, TIDEX is dedicated to manufacture and marketing of products used in the electricity and telecommunications area. Founded in 2006, currently has a presence throughout the country and Latin America.

It has modern facilities of 2400 m2 with latest technology and machinery of the most qualified staff that lets you compete in the domestic and international markets with low prices and excellent quality. TIDEX's mission is to transform technology in Quality of Life. Committed to the environment and creating social development to the region and progress to the country.

  Corporate Responsibility

We are a company committed to social development in the region. More than products, we provide progress to the country by ensuring a better be for our future generations through the preservation of our environment and improving the quality of life of our customers, employees and shareholders.


TIDEX, Technology Transformed into Quality Life
TELÉFONO (1) 5701889 / 320-4495657 BOGOTA - COLOMBIA
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